LCD Signature

    Housing class
    from 3500 $/m²
    11A Mechnikov str.
    Number of apartments
    Number of houses
    Number of storeys
    Mineral wool
    Number of lifts
    Underground two-level
    Ceiling height
    Construction technology
    Monolithic frame
    Closed area
    Interior decoration
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        The unique parametric look of Signature was created by the team of the German architectural firm Shmidhuber. Over 30 years of successful work, the bureau's specialists have implemented thousands of innovative and creative projects in the field of architecture and design, earning fame and recognition. More than 300 international awards and cooperation with well-known corporations of the planet testify to professional achievements. Such brands as Audi, Lamborghini and others have become design partners of the Schmidhuber bureau over the years.

        The design of the facade of the Signature residential complex stands out with soft, smooth lines flowing from one level to another. These natural and plastic outlines are the most important part of the architectural ensemble, made in a parametric style.

        The designers of Schmidhuber use the principles of parametric architecture in their work. This new trend, which was talked about in the world in the late nineties, was created by Zaha Hadid, the first female architect to receive the highest architectural award - the Pritzker Prize.

        The Signature clubhouse project in Pechersk demonstrates new standards in architecture and design, comfort and safety, energy efficiency, quality of service, and infrastructure organization. The landmark residential complex is a symbol of innovative construction and an example of effective cooperation between domestic specialists and foreign partners.

        Technical solutions of a team of architects, programmers, engineers, builders and designers from Ukraine, Italy and Germany are presented at the Signature construction site. The result of the joint work was a residential complex that has no analogues in Ukraine. The unique appearance, luxurious interior spaces, VIP recreation areas for residents, developed infrastructure and apartments themselves – everything is perfect.

        Signature is located on a powerful four-storey stylobate, which houses a supermarket, boutiques, underground parking, spa and entertainment centers. The complex of three towers of various storeys is designed for 171 apartments and is as autonomous as possible. Own gas boiler house, water purification and supply station, individual heating point allow to provide residents with absolute comfort and high energy efficiency of the residential complex as a whole.

        Pechersk district, according to the reports of relevant departments, is considered the safest in the capital. This is due to the special security regime, because significant state facilities are located here. However, optimistic data do not give leading real estate developers a reason to reduce the requirements for the safety of residential complexes.

        In the Signature LCD on Mechnikov 11-And there are two components on the security guard - digital technologies and professional security service specialists. Moreover, the security system of the residential complex is integrated into a complex of innovative technological services that provide fire and personal protection for owners of luxury apartments.

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