When selling real estate, the notary is not obliged to certify the transfer of money.

Real estate can be sold after just a few showings. But it can also happen that no one wants to buy a house for sale for months.

There are different situations when you need to sell a recently purchased apartment.

In the sale it is not uncommon to see apartments that are sold with utility debts. Sellers are prepared to reduce the value of the property in order to sell it with such a "defect".

In today's realities, it is not uncommon to find situations when you need to sell an apartment, but there is no possibility to discharge all the registered persons from it.

The operation of re-registering residential real estate attracts tax liabilities. The sale of a house is not an exception. If you plan to sell a house, without additional costs can not do without.

The Ukrainian real estate market is going through a difficult period.

Buying a private house in Ukraine entails significant costs. In this regard, the issue of purchasing real estate and land plot should be approached especially carefully.

Not always real estate belongs to only one person. Two or more owners can own an apartment at the same time.

Situations when real estate is sold not by the owner, but by his representative with the help of a power of attorney are not uncommon.

The cost of re-registering a residential property is an important issue that should be studied even at the stage of selling or buying an apartment.

Buying an apartment or a house in Ukraine is impossible without drawing up a real estate purchase agreement .