An office, warehouse, store, cafe or beauty salon - all of these are commercial real estate.

When renting a home, most tenants are concerned about who will pay for what? While rent is the tenant's responsibility, other expenses need to be sorted out before moving in.

Situations when real estate is sold not by the owner, but by his representative with the help of a power of attorney are not uncommon.

Club house is one of the options of elite real estate in the form of low-rise and low-apartment houses for a small number of owners of one social stratum.

A deed of gift is a convenient legal instrument that allows you to give an apartment, house or land plot to another person, most often a relative.

In order for a sale and purchase transaction to be successful, it is important for both parties to prepare for it.

When the apartment that you have been looking to buy for so long is finally chosen, you want to close the deal as soon as possible.

Selling an apartment is a serious procedure that takes time. First you need to prepare the property, collect documents, then find a buyer and conclude the deal.

It is not uncommon to find situations when real estate needs to be sold in the shortest possible time. The owner may be traveling abroad or moving to another city in Ukraine for work.

Many future buyers of real estate, when they decide to buy an apartment, do not know what to choose - the secondary market or a new building.

Buying or selling real estate is a rather complicated process.

Many buyers have heard that when buying an apartment sometimes need to make a deposit, but not everyone knows under what conditions and why it should be done.