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  • tabler-icon-stars Unique
  • tabler-icon-user-shield Defend the owner's interest
  • tabler-icon-thumb-up Experience and professionalism
  • tabler-icon-gavel Proper real estate valuation We establish a reasonable starting value, conduct market analysis to accurately determine the value of the object, which contributes to its effective sale or lease.
  • tabler-icon-building-community We defend the interests of the owner Our distinction is professional negotiations, confirmed by successful transactions. We take into account the peculiarities and confidently defend the interests of property owners.
  • tabler-icon-lifebuoy Marketing strategy and advertising We formulate a marketing strategy that utilizes not only advertising websites, but also modern tools to effectively promote the property. We perform high quality photography and videography to highlight the unique benefits of your property.
  • tabler-icon-adjustments-horizontal Closed sales We have successful experience in closed sales of exclusive properties, working confidentially since 2012. Our Agency's database of active tenants and buyers allows us to make sales without public advertising, ensuring efficient and confidential transactions.
  • tabler-icon-user-star Property management Our efficient property management is your peace of mind and stable income, even if you are abroad. We guarantee high quality service and profit maximization. We provide transparent reports, professional analytics and effective communication with tenants.
  • tabler-icon-cash Legal support We provide a full range of legal support, starting with the approval of documents and ending with the settlement of any legal issues. We take care of all aspects, providing you with maximum convenience. Our legal department guarantees thorough verification and preparation of documents for safe transactions.

Our services

  • Personalized consultation We dig deep into your needs to provide personal and responsible recommendations.
  • We dig deep into your needs to provide personal and responsible recommendations. We thoroughly research your property to determine the best sale or rental price based on an analysis of market trends.
  • Guarantees with no hidden costs We enter into a fair contract that includes all guarantees and excludes any unforeseen fees or costs.
  • Customized marketing strategy We create a customized plan that will emphasize your home's unique features and enhance its distinctiveness among other housing options.
  • Actively seeking clients We don't just advertise, we actively seek out those who are genuinely interested through a variety of channels and methods.
  • Professional displays We organize quality showings with detailed report and feedback, because the final decision is always yours.
  • Safe transaction with legal control We provide you with legal support and transaction control, making the entire transaction process safe and secure.
  • Property management We can also take over the management of your property, providing full-service management for maximum convenience.
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Commercial property of 315 m²

The client, who contacted our agency on recommendation, had been unable to sell his 315 m² commercial property for 3 years. After a thorough analysis of the demand and possibilities of the object, we offered to divide it into smaller premises. Our specialists provided a full range of services: resolving issues with documents, dividing communications, legalization, and so on. Already in 2 months we successfully sold the object and made a substantial profit.

Commercial premises in residential complex “French Quarter 2”

The client was hesitant to buy a commercial space because of the war, but was convinced of its potential thanks to our realtor's analytical approach to real estate selection. The property was purchased in French Quarter 2 on January 16, 2024, and on the 5th day after that we confidently signed a lease with a chain tenant. This is a vivid example of our ability to work effectively with liquid properties and conclude successful transactions even in the current environment.

Commercial premises in residential complex “Great”

The agent analyzed the client's request, and then selected and helped to buy premises at the construction stage in Great Residential Complex, when this residential complex was not so popular yet. In the summer of 2023, these premises were already successfully leased out, even before the owner obtained ownership. This allowed him to quickly start making profits from the premises with facades and views of the Dniprovska embankment and a large flow of customers, which guarantees the high popularity of the property for many years.

Renting and managing real estate in a war situation

As a result of the war, the client left Ukraine and our agency successfully rented out her apartment and premises and took over the effective management of the properties. We carefully tracked the payment of utilities, monitored the property's condition and market price, and provided regular reports to the owner. As a result, the client has purchased several more properties in Ukraine in 2023.


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