How to choose an apartment layout

How to choose an apartment layout

The layout of a home has a major influence on how comfortable it is to live in the apartment. The choice of layout should be individualized, as each individual family has different needs. The choice of layout is also influenced by the purpose of the purchase. If the property is being purchased for resale or rental, the layout will be different. Let's take a look at what types of apartment layouts are available and what to look for when choosing a layout.

What types of apartment layouts are there

It is impossible to call one layout good and another bad: each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order for a layout to be successful for a particular buyer, it must be chosen with the purpose of the purchase and personal needs in mind.

So, what types of layouts are there:

  • classic - the traditional variant is perfect for those who value personal space, because it provides for separate non-traversable living rooms;
  • adjacent-separate - a universal type of layout assumes isolated bedrooms and a pass-through living room, and the hall and kitchen can be combined into one room;
  • Europlanning - in this variant, the kitchen area is larger than the bedroom, while there is a spacious common recreation area;
  • free - the layout of this type provides a large living area without internal partitions, it can be zoned at your discretion;
  • Studios are usually small apartments with one room that acts as both a living room and a bedroom with a small kitchen area;
  • smart - a compact and budget-friendly layout that will prove practical for one or two people.

This is not all, but only the main types of apartment layouts in new buildings and old buildings.

What to pay attention to when choosing a layout

In order to choose an apartment layout that will be convenient for the whole family or will cover other needs, for example, to rent at a favorable price, you need to evaluate many parameters. This is not only the number of rooms and the area of the apartment, but also such important nuances as the size of the kitchen, the level of natural light, the type of bathroom, etc. Let's take a closer look at all the points you need to pay attention to.

Room layout

The layout will be comfortable if the rooms are arranged correctly. Common areas should be located closer to the entrance of the apartment. These include the entrance hall, guest bathroom and living room. The personal space of family members should be located further away from the entrance. These are bedrooms, children's rooms, study, library, dressing room.

It is great if the bedrooms are at a distance from the kitchen and living room. This will ensure comfortable rest in silence. If the apartment has two bathrooms, the second one should be closer to the bedroom. Next to the bedroom, a dressing room is also arranged. For parents, it will be important that the children's room is located next to their room.

Needs and wants of the family

You should choose a layout that takes into account the needs and desires of everyone who will be living in the new apartment. If you want to create a unique space, you should pay attention to the free layout. In it you can place internal partitions at your discretion, but the load-bearing walls are unlikely to be allowed to touch. All redevelopment will have to be legalized with the relevant authorities.

For a large family, the classic layout is often chosen, as everyone gets their own personal space. But Europlanning or adjacent-separate layout will also be a good solution. Parents and children have their own rooms, while the whole family can gather in the kitchen-living room.

Hallway or corridor

In most apartments, the corridor or hallway does not boast a lot of square meters. Therefore, it is important to evaluate not only the area, but also the shape of the room in order to use the space efficiently. It is best if the room is square or rectangular. It is also important that the hallway is not a passageway, otherwise dirt from shoes will be spread around the apartment.

Kitchen size

A small and cramped kitchen is a good option only for a single person who does not cook at home or cooks minimally. In all other cases, it is better to prefer a free kitchen to comfortably cook, invite guests and gather the whole family for dinner.


The optimal shape of a bedroom is square or rectangular, with an area of 10 m² or more. It is also important that the width of the room was at least 3 meters. In such a bedroom without problems will fit a large bed, closet and other furniture. It is great if the bedroom windows face east: it will be more comfortable to wake up, and in the evening in summer it will not be so hot.

Number of bathrooms

A layout that provides multiple sewer outlets is a great solution because you can make multiple bathrooms. This is especially important for families with children or those who often have guests.

If the housing layout assumes only one toilet, you need to decide whether it will be separate or combined. The latter looks more spacious, but it is not convenient for all couples or families.


Apartments with a walk-in closet are particularly convenient to live in, as they save space and money on furniture purchases. It is also practical to keep clothes and other items in one place. If there is no space for a walk-in closet, you will need to see if there is enough space for a closet or other storage option.

Natural light

The more windows in an apartment, the better the level of natural light. For those who like their rooms to be bright, you can look for a layout with panoramic glazing. But it is important to realize that the heating bill in such an apartment will be higher.

An apartment with windows that face different sides is convenient to ventilate. In addition, in such an apartment it is easy to find a cool place in summer, and in winter there will be a better level of natural light, which has a positive effect on mood and well-being.

Balconies and loggias

If the layout provides for several balconies or a balcony and a loggia, this is a winning solution. One of them can be used for a seating area with armchairs and a table, the other for household needs.

Ceiling heights

When choosing the layout, it is important to consider the height of the ceilings. The optimal height is from 2.7 meters. If ventilation is planned, then the ceiling height should be at least 3-3.3 meters.

Selection of layout depending on the purpose of purchase

The purpose of buying an apartment influences the choice of a particular type of layout. A family home is different from a home that is purchased for short-term rentals. Which layout should I choose when buying a property for personal use, resale or rental?

For personal use

When choosing a layout for family living, it is necessary to discuss in detail at once what rooms are needed, what functions they will perform, what furniture and appliances will be in the apartment, etc. It is important to take into account the needs and peculiarities of all family members.

If a couple or a single person will live in the apartment, you don't have to worry about choosing a layout: in this case, any layout will do. The main thing is that the kitchen should be spacious if guests come regularly.

If you plan to start a family or already have children, then it is better to choose a spacious dwelling with separate bedrooms or to give preference to a free layout and zoned to suit your needs. For families with children, an enlarged kitchen or combined with the living room will be convenient. It is also important that the balcony was glazed.

For resale

For those who invest in real estate at an early stage of construction, it is especially important to choose the layout carefully. This will determine how quickly and profitably you will be able to sell your home after the house is commissioned.

The biggest demand among buyers is for small one-room properties, as many buyers are looking for budget options. You can also consider studios if they are located near higher education institutions or office centers: such housing is often bought for students, choose it and young professionals who are not burdened with a family.

Two-bedroom housing is also a good option for resale, especially with a classic layout. It is better not to choose an apartment in which the kitchen and living room are already combined. But it is worth paying attention to the possibility of redevelopment and connection of these rooms. This way you can reach a larger number of potential buyers.

For rent

When choosing the layout of the apartment to be rented out, you should first decide how it will be rented out - daily or long-term? This determines what type of housing to buy.

For short-term rentals, studios and studio apartments are more suitable, which can accommodate 2-3 beds. The more places to sleep within reasonable limits, the higher the demand for real estate will be. The choice of a compact layout is also due to the fact that it is more affordable and implies lower utility costs.

If the apartment is bought for rent for a long period of time, you can consider not only one-room apartments, but also two-room apartments. Medium-sized housing is in demand among tenants. It is either an enlarged 1-room apartment, or not very large 2-room apartment with non-passable rooms.

The easiest way to choose an apartment with a good layout for your purchase goal is with an experienced realtor. Specialists of the real estate agency "Mayak" know which housing options are in the greatest demand among buyers, if you choose a dwelling for resale or rent. Also realtor will always tell you what to pay attention to when buying an apartment for yourself. Realtors in "Mayak" work together with lawyers and notary: you can not only find a suitable property under the guidance of an agent, but also buy it safely and quickly.