What is a monolithic-frame house

What is a monolithic-frame house

Apartments in monolithic frame houses are increasingly in demand in Ukraine. Buyers realize that they get significant advantages, and at a reasonable price, more attractive than in the case of housing in a brick house. Let's consider the features of monolithic-frame residential buildings, as well as their pros and cons.

Monolithic-frame house - what is it?

A house built using monolithic-frame construction technology is a residential building made of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. This frame is created with the help of columns and slabs, between which walls of gas block, brick or other building material are constructed. Such houses are characterized by high strength and stability. Monolithic-frame houses are valued for their seismic resistance, so they are built even in regions where earthquakes of up to 8 points are possible.

What are the main features of monolithic-frame construction technology?

When using the monolithic-frame technology, the foundation of the building is first created - a reinforced concrete frame with floor slabs. The frame is made with the help of removable formwork, and erection takes place floor by floor.

Builders install formwork and a framework of metal reinforcement. The concrete is then poured into the base and allowed to cure until it is fully set. After that, the floor is covered and the wooden formwork is removed. The procedure is repeated on each subsequent floor.

The monolithic frame technology can be used to build a complete house or to build only its supporting structures. When it comes to a multi-storey building, usually only the frame is erected, while the walls are made of the material of the builder's choice. This can be gas block, bricks, silicate bricks, ceramic blocks. The walls are laid simultaneously with the erection of the frame or after the completion of work on the construction of the base of the building.

What features monolithic-frame residential buildings have:

  • strength and stability - the stable construction of metal reinforcement and concrete makes the house seismically resistant;
  • long service life - such houses are characterized by durability and can easily last about 150 years;
  • freedom of realization of architectural solutions - thanks to the special design architects can realize non-standard ideas and make the appearance of the building original and attractive;
  • spaciousness - monolithic frame houses most often have spacious interior spaces and the possibility of creating a free layout.

Whether it is worth buying housing in a monolithic frame house, you can finally decide after studying not only the features, but also the advantages and disadvantages of such buildings.

What are the advantages of monolithic-frame houses?

One of the main advantages of monolithic-frame building is the high speed of construction, although this plus plays a role not for all buyers of real estate. If you plan to buy an apartment on the secondary market, then you can ignore this advantage, since the house has already been commissioned.

High speed of construction is important for those who buy real estate at the construction stage. Investing money at the start of sales you can get the most attractive price per square meter from the developer, and you will not have to wait long for the completion of construction. According to the monolithic-frame technology in a month builders can erect up to 5 floors. This speed is also possible due to the fact that a monolithic frame house can be built all year round, in any season, and it will not affect the quality of construction.

Another important advantage is the high reliability of the structure. Monolithic frame houses are the leaders in terms of strength and durability. Such buildings last noticeably longer than panel and even brick buildings.

Additional important advantages of a monolithic frame house:

  • the possibility of buying an apartment with a free layout - due to the absence of load-bearing walls in a monolithic-frame house, the buyer can choose an apartment without internal partitions and create a convenient layout taking into account his needs and desires;
  • convenient and high-quality repair - in a monolithic frame building there are no joints, seams and cracks, so you do not have to solve the problem of gaps or ceiling leveling;
  • minimal shrinkage - the house practically does not give shrinkage or does it minimally and evenly throughout the apartment, so the structures do not crack, do not affect the fresh repair, and you can start repairs immediately after buying housing in a new building;
  • high ceilings - most monolithic-frame technologies have good ceiling heights, as there is no need to reduce the height to reduce the load on the foundation.

Often apartments in monolithic-frame houses are also chosen for the favorable cost. Since the construction of such buildings requires less work compared to a brick house, and materials are cheaper, the final cost per square meter is more attractive. But it is important to note that the prices for apartments in monolithic frame houses are lower than for similar housing in brick new buildings, but higher than for real estate in panel buildings.

What are the disadvantages of monolithic-frame houses?

Monolithic-frame houses have significant advantages, but still they have disadvantages. One of the problems that can arise if you choose a house from an unscrupulous builder is a violation of construction technology. Only with strict adherence to technology can you get a strong and durable new building. Otherwise, the quality of the building will leave the best.

What other disadvantages can be in monolithic-frame houses:

  • high audibility - concrete monolithic structures allow sound to pass through, so you will have to carry out additional soundproofing to protect against extraneous sounds;
  • poor thermal insulation qualities - in order to improve the energy efficiency of the apartment, it will be necessary to insulate the walls with mineral wool or other reliable materials;
  • the need for ventilation - monolith almost does not "breathe", so it will be necessary to organize additional ventilation and air the apartment more often to ensure a sufficient volume of fresh air;
  • the complexity of laying engineering communications - the developer thinks over and installs communications at the construction stage, as it is extremely difficult, and sometimes even impossible to change anything or install after the completion of construction of the monolith.

Such disadvantages for many buyers of real estate seem insignificant, and the pluses significantly outweigh the minuses. If you choose the right builder, you can have no doubts about the quality of the construction of the house, nor about the quality of the installed utilities.

The issue of soundproofing and heat insulation can be solved if you choose an apartment where the walls will be made of ceramic blocks, the external partitions will be insulated with mineral wool boards, and two-chamber windows will be installed. Additional ventilation is also not a problem. Considering the attractive cost of apartments in monolithic frame houses, such costs for the arrangement of housing are fully justified.