Cost of re-registering a house in 2024

Cost of re-registering a house

The operation of re-registering residential real estate attracts tax liabilities. The sale of a house is not an exception. If you plan to sell a house, without additional costs can not do without. The amount of mandatory expenses may be different depending on the specific situation. Let's consider how much it will cost to re-register a house in 2024 and what exactly you will have to pay for.

What taxes when selling a house

There are three types of taxes for real estate transactions, in particular, houses and cottages, in Ukraine:

  • income tax (personal income tax or PIT) - paid by the seller in the amount of 5% of the value of the house, if the property has been owned for less than 3 years, it is not the first sale of real estate for the reporting year or the seller received income from the house;
  • military tax - paid by the seller in the amount of 1.5% of the value of the house regardless of the period of ownership of the object or other features of the transaction;
  • Pension Fund fee - paid by the buyer in the amount of 1% of the value of the object, but only if he is not buying the property for the first time and is not on the apartment registration.

The exact amount of taxes can be found out only after the property is appraised. Based on the appraised value of the house, the amount of income tax, military levy and Pension Fund levy is calculated.

How much do appraiser's services cost

When preparing documents for notarization, you need to order a home appraisal. The cost of services of independent appraisers may vary. The approximate cost of services on valuation of houses for sale is 1000 UAH with the term of performance in 1 day.

In most cases, when re-registering a private house, the seller will have to additionally order an assessment of the land plot. Such a requirement is put forward by notaries: the package of documents must include an expert assessment of the land on which the house is located. Evaluation of the land plot is paid separately and costs approximately also 1000 UAH.

When preparing documents for the purchase and sale of a house, the appraiser prepares two reports and requires the following documents for the procedure:

  • for the house - ownership documents (sale and purchase agreement, deed of gift, certificate of ownership, extract from the State Register), technical passport;
  • for the land plot - land title document (state act, if the land plot was registered more than 10 years ago);
  • for the owner of the object - passport, identification code.

According to the current legislation, only a person related to the object can order an assessment of a private house. Most often the customer is the seller of real estate.

How much do notary services cost

When concluding a contract for the sale and purchase of a house, the payment of state duty and the services of a public or private notary is stipulated. The amount of state duty for the sale of a house is 1% of the transaction amount, but not less than one non-taxable minimum income of citizens.

Notary services are paid separately. The cost depends on the region of Ukraine. In Kyiv, the prices for notary services in the registration of a sale and purchase transaction of a house range from 3000 to 10 000 UAH. If the parties have decided to conclude a preliminary agreement, it will be paid separately.

At the conclusion of the transaction, the buyer must register ownership. This can be done independently or through a notary office. The registration of rights is carried out by the CPAU (CNAP). The rate of the fee depends on the amount of the minimum subsistence level for able-bodied persons (MSL) at the time of application and the terms of service provision:

  • 5 days - 302,80 UAH (0,1 PMTL);
  • 2 days - 3028,00 UAH (1 PMTL);
  • 1 day - 6056 UAH (2 PMTL);
  • 2 hours - 15 140 UAH (5 PMTL).

In case of simultaneous registration of rights to a residential house and a plot of land, different applications are submitted, i.e. the fee is paid for each object separately. Citizens who have 1-2 category of Chernobyl disaster victims and persons with 1-2 group disability are exempted from paying the fee.

Who pays for the re-registration of a house

Taxes and state duty can either be paid in full by the buyer or paid in half by agreement between the seller and the buyer, as this issue is not regulated by law. The parties distribute these costs independently.

The exact amount of additional costs when reissuing a house depends on the cost of the appraiser, notary, the value of the house and taxes. In order not to miss important nuances and conduct the transaction correctly, it is worth contacting the real estate agency "Mayak", where there is a team of lawyers, realtors and notary. With professionals will be able to quickly and without nerves to conclude a deal on the sale and purchase of a house in Kyiv or Kyiv region.