Features of a duplex apartment

Duplex apartment

Duplex apartments on the upper floors of new buildings are no longer a rarity. More and more often developers leave the last levels for such real estate. Whether it is worth buying duplex housing, how it differs from penthouses, what features, advantages and disadvantages it has, we will consider in this article.

What is a duplex apartment

Duplex real estate is housing on two floors. Such apartments can be located in multi-storey buildings of any class or in townhouses. The latter are distinguished by the fact that there is a small individual plot of land near the house, and in the building itself there is a built-in garage.

A duplex apartment can be economy, comfort, business or elite class. It is wrong to believe that such housing is available only to those who have a large budget for buying real estate. A smart apartment with another level, a compact duplex studio or a townhouse outside the city are relatively inexpensive.

The roominess of duplex apartments can be different. Most often on the first floor there is one living room - this is the living room. On the second floor there can be 2-3 bedrooms or more depending on the size of the dwelling.

What is the difference between a penthouse and a duplex apartment

Duplex apartments are often confused with penthouses, although they are different types of real estate. A penthouse can be called a mansion in a high-rise multi-storey building. Such premium-class housing is located separately from other apartments on the top floor of the building, that is, there are neighbors only from below. It necessarily has its own terrace, panoramic windows, high ceilings, individual elevator, access to the exploited roof.

Duplex apartments may not have a terrace or high ceilings, but there may be several on a floor. A penthouse, on the other hand, occupies the entire floor.

Features of the layout of a duplex apartment

The main peculiarity of the layout of the two-level housing is the impossibility to carry out redevelopment. It is impossible to change the location of windows, entrance doors, kitchen, bathrooms, stairs.

Living space in a duplex apartment is most often divided into functional zones:

  • first floor - this is usually the common area where the whole family gathers and receives guests. The entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bathroom are located here. If the apartment is large, the ground level can also include a dining room, study, guest room, library, and utility room;
  • The second floor is the private part of the apartment, where bedrooms and children's rooms are located. Here you can also place a bathroom, a dressing room and a study.

An obligatory element of a duplex apartment is a staircase that leads to the second floor. The layout of the living space depends on its location. To optimize space, owners most often install a spiral and not massive staircase.

What are the advantages of a duplex apartment

To stay satisfied with the purchase of real estate and avoid unpleasant surprises, it is worth soberly assess the pros and cons of duplex apartments.

What are the advantages of having a duplex apartment:

  • dividing the space into zones - two-level housing allows you to divide the common and private zones. Also, depending on the needs of a particular family, it is possible to create a workspace above and a living space below, etc...;
  • convenient layout - the kitchen is located next to the living room, there is also a bathroom, which allows you to spend most of your time on the first floor during the day. In the evening, having gone up to the second floor, you can relax in the bedroom and conduct hygienic procedures in the bathroom on the upper level without having to go down;
  • increased living space - duplex apartments are perfect for families with children or couples who like to receive guests often, because there is enough space for everyone. It is also a good opportunity to organize a large closet or create a winter garden;
  • high social status - not everyone can afford two-level real estate, especially when it comes to the capital. An apartment on two levels on the upper floors of a new building speaks of the owner's wealth;
  • panoramic windows - many duplex apartments boast panoramic glazing on one of the levels. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide beautiful views of the city and ample natural light during the day;
  • absence of neighbors from above - the owners of two-level housing will not have to suffer from noise and floods because of neighbors from above;
  • quiet and clean air - housing on the upper floors provides a picturesque view, no noise from the street and no car exhaust fumes;
  • physical activity - thanks to the presence of stairs, you can stay fit without going to the gym.

The list of advantages of duplex real estate can be even longer depending on the particular residential complex. For example, some apartments have the possibility to install a fireplace.

What are the disadvantages of a duplex apartment

Two-level housing attracts many people, as it is most often spacious, comfortable to live in and promises a lot of positive emotions from the purchase. But it is important to consider the disadvantages of this type of real estate to remain objective.

What are the disadvantages of a duplex apartment:

  • additional costs - owners of spacious duplex properties will have to pay luxury tax and put up with high heating bills;
  • expensive repairs - since the area of a 2-level apartment is often large, the cost of repairs will be high, in addition, you will have to spend heavily on plumbing for two bathrooms;
  • Risk of injury - because of the stairs in an apartment, there is an increased risk of injury, especially if small children or elderly people are involved;
  • difficulties in selling or renting - properties with a large area are in less demand among buyers and tenants, so it will be more difficult to sell or rent a two-room dwelling than a normal apartment;
  • discomfort in the summer - an economy or comfort-class house can get very hot in the summer, so you have to spend on additional air conditioners or endure the heat;
  • non-working elevator - in new buildings most often install high-quality elevators that break down very rarely, but if the elevator does not work, it will be long and difficult to climb on foot;
  • risk of intruders entering the apartment from the roof - thieves can break into the apartment from the roof, and a duplex apartment is more attractive to them, as it indicates wealthy owners and the possibility of a good meal inside;
  • Staticity of the layout - in a duplex apartment can not be a serious redesign, in addition, part of the useful area is taken away by the stairs.

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