What you need to know about studio apartments

Studio apartment

Studio apartments have become very popular in recent years. The main reason for this is their relatively affordable price compared to other types of real estate. Compact housing is in demand among young people and couples who do not yet have a large budget to buy a full-fledged apartment, but want to have their own living space. Let's take a closer look at what a studio apartment is, what advantages and disadvantages it has, who this type of real estate is suitable for and how it differs from a studio apartment.

What is a studio apartment

Studio apartments first appeared in the United States in the 20th century and soon became very popular among young people. It is a modern and inexpensive accommodation that is perfect for students and couples.

A studio apartment is a type of residential property without internal partitions between the kitchen and the living room-bedroom. In such an apartment there are no doors between the rooms: there are only entrance doors, doors to the bathroom and doors to the balcony (if it is provided). The zoning of space in the studio is mainly due to furniture. Separate zones can also be distinguished by different types of finishes, floor level difference, screens, etc.

A standard studio combines a kitchen-dining room, a living room and a sleeping area in one space. Some studio apartments may also have separate rooms, but the main difference is the combined room: most often it is a kitchen-living room.

Before 1991, studio apartments were not built in residential buildings in Ukraine. Now it is a standard type of real estate in new buildings of economy and comfort class. If you plan to buy a studio in an old building, it is important to make sure that the redevelopment is carried out with the appropriate permits and legalized.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to make a propiska in a studio apartment. However, according to lawyers, this opinion is wrong. If the studio belongs to residential real estate, then it is possible to register in such an apartment without any problems. To do this, you will need a passport and ownership documents.

What is the difference between a studio apartment and a studio apartment

As mentioned above, a studio is most often a small apartment, which provides a single living space without internal partitions. In a studio apartment, the living area is separated by walls only from the bathroom. The area of a studio apartment starts from 18 m², but there are also more spacious variants - up to 40 m².

One-bedroom apartments are usually larger than standard studios - from 35 to 50 m². The main difference between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment is that the living room is separate from the kitchen. Depending on the layout and size of the 1-room apartment, it may also have an internal partition between the living room and the hallway. Such housing has clear boundaries: room, kitchen, corridor, bathroom.

If you compare studio apartments and studio apartments, it is worth evaluating several parameters:

  • value;
  • the amount of utility bills;
  • comfort level;
  • possibilities for arrangement and design.

If you compare the final cost of a 1-bedroom apartment and a studio, the latter is cheaper, as it is characterized by a smaller area. But it is still more correct to compare the cost per square meter in two types of real estate. In this case, it turns out that studios are not always cheaper. And yet, if there is no opportunity to collect a large sum to buy a one-room apartment, you can stop and the option with a studio.

Since the area of the studio is smaller, the utility bills in it turn out to be more affordable. It's not just the size of the dwelling. Studios in new buildings are most often equipped with individual heating, which allows you to save money. In addition, to heat an open space, you need less energy consumption. Most often a studio has only one radiator, whereas a 1-room apartment will have at least two: in the bedroom and in the kitchen.

Everyone's comfort level is different. Some people like open space, while others prefer to have privacy. The comparison of which housing will be more comfortable to live in should be based on the specific situation and needs of the buyer.

Interesting design solutions can be realized both in a studio and in a studio apartment. Although the open space of the former allows you to use unusual ways of zoning, multi-level lighting, interesting interior solutions.

What are the advantages of a studio apartment

Before deciding to buy a studio, it is worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of this type of housing. This will help to make a well-considered purchase.

So, what are the pros of a studio apartment:

  • Savings in purchasing and paying utility bills - since studios are smaller than one- and two-bedroom apartments, they are cheaper in price. In addition, the compact area has a favorable effect on the size of utility bills;
  • efficient space - the absence of partitions creates a visual effect of increased space and it seems that the studio is larger than a standard 1-room apartment. In studios, usually everything is functionally thought out, as every meter counts and you need to use the area rationally;
  • inexpensive repair - compact area of housing allows you to save on repairs, while to arrange studios stylishly and beautifully is not a problem at all;
  • quick and easy cleaning - it is easier to keep a small studio clean and tidy than a studio apartment. If you order cleaning, you can save money, as most often the cost of cleaning depends on the area;
  • good acoustics - studios are often chosen by creative individuals, such as musicians, as the sound in a studio is better than in a standard apartment. But it is important to worry about good soundproofing of the living space;
  • everything in sight - an important advantage for parents with a small child. You can cook dinner in peace, with your baby always in sight.

The advantages of studios are quite a lot. And yet the main advantage is saving money. Most often a studio apartment is bought to save money on housing, repairs and utilities.

What are the disadvantages of a studio apartment

It is wrong to evaluate only the pros of a certain type of real estate. The buyer must understand what "pitfalls" he can expect when buying housing studio format. Therefore, it is important to assess the disadvantages of a studio apartment:

  • lack of an isolated kitchen area - this entails such a disadvantage as odor throughout the apartment during cooking;
  • there is no separate sleeping area - one person prepares food, while the other may still be sleeping, which may not be very comfortable for people with different rhythms of life;
  • lack of personal space - everyone living in a studio has to be in full view of each other, and privacy is only possible in the bathroom;
  • Limited furniture selection - to keep maximum space in a compact studio, it's important to find furniture that doesn't take up a lot of space, yet is roomy;
  • little storage space - the studio is not suitable for those who have a large closet or a lot of other things, as there is nowhere to store them.

Most of the drawbacks can be minimized. A good extractor hood will help to solve the problem of odors from the kitchen. The sleeping area can be separated from the common room by a screen or furniture. In the same way, you can arrange a personal space for each family member, let it be even a chair with a small table. But this is affected by the area of the dwelling, since not everywhere it will be possible to find individual space. Places for storing things can be organized by picking up a tall closet with mezzanines or buying a sofa with a hidden niche.

It is not always possible to remodel a studio into a studio apartment because of the small size of the apartment. In addition, the redevelopment of the living space can be costly, then there is no point in saving on the purchase of a studio, it is better to buy a 1-room apartment immediately.

Who would be suitable for a studio apartment

Studio apartments are a popular type of real estate among young people, students and newly established families. Such housing is perfect for a young couple who are planning to buy their first apartment. It does not require a large budget, and it is quite comfortable for a couple in love to live in it, as at this stage of the relationship you want to spend most of your time together.

A studio can also be suitable as a first home of its own for a young family with a small child. It is like an intermediate stage on the way to a full-fledged spacious apartment, while the adults are saving up money for the next property. While the child is small, the studio is quite a comfortable solution, since the baby is always in sight of mom and dad. But this option remains convenient only until the child has reached school age.

A studio apartment can be chosen by a young specialist who is just starting his career and does not yet have the opportunity to buy more expensive housing. Simple and bright studios are popular with creative people: artists and musicians set up their workspace in them.

A studio can also be purchased for a student. Most often it is a more favorable option than paying monthly rent for an apartment in Kyiv.

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