Sale of land for residential development on ave. Minsky, area 20 acres

Object ID
300 000$
13 410 000₴
327 073€
Object type
Land for ind. construction
  • Ukraine
Area of the site
General square
20.00m 2
Secondary market

Better than Pushcha - Voditsa - a closed, homogeneous cottage development, surrounded by a large forest, without multi-apartment buildings nearby, which already exists in Pushcha Voditsa.
Better than ST Chernobylets on Bogatyrskaya - chamber for 50 households than in a multi-populated cooperative.
Better than overvalued and difficult in relief and in the neighborhood areas in the city on Kurenevka, Vinogradar, Windy Mountains, Syrets and other areas.
The cottage town "Petrovskaya Galyavyna" is located in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv, Minsk microdistrict. A closed-type town for 50 households, with its own service company, barrier at the entrance. Actively built up with new cottages.
From all sides there is a huge forest, 6 km to Pushcha-Voditsa, 6 km to the north, we go into the forest directly from the town, there are walking areas.
Plot 20 acres (43 x 46, 5m), purpose - construction of a residential building, flat, neighbors lined up on three sides. The road is under construction.
30 kw electrics, geodesy and geology of the site.

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