Townhouse for sale 113 m2, 2 acres in Khodosovka

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139 000$
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150 865€
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  • Ukraine
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Area of the site
General square
113.00m 2
Number of rooms
13.00m 2
Secondary market

A house of 113 m2, 1.86 acres is for sale in Khodosovka, which consumes up to 20 times less energy for heating than a regular house and helps to achieve energy independence! Total area - 113.4 m2, kitchen-living room - 40 m2, three bedrooms - 11.5, 11.6 and 13.6 m2, two bathrooms.

The house was built according to German passive house standards and offers a high level of comfort for its inhabitants. The townhouse is located on 1.86 from the ground, closed area, paved entrance, parking for 2 cars, fast charging for an electric car and ornamental plants.
Excellent location near Kiev, close to a school, kindergarten, lake, forest, supermarket, cinema, swimming pool, private clinic and Manufactura outlet center. A deed of land ownership, a technical passport of a house and a deed of ownership of a building.
During the construction of the townhouse, the most modern materials and technologies were used, a short list of which is given below:
• Monolithic foundation slab made of concrete “Ot Kovalskaya”;
• Walls made of aerated concrete and continuous monolithic reinforced belt;
• Teriva technology for interfloor slabs, providing excellent strength with lower loads on the foundation and higher sound insulation compared to other types of slabs;
• Construction technology “without cold bridges” and the level of insulation along the entire perimeter of the house (floor – 200mm, walls – 250mm, roof – 400mm)
• Durable and level floor using semi-dry screed technology with reinforcement;
• Ideally smooth walls and slopes using machine plaster (cement-sand plaster for bathrooms and gypsum plaster for living rooms);
• Special technology for connecting all structural elements to achieve the highest level of tightness and comfort;
• Confirmed by blow door test, the airtightness level is 0.2 air changes per hour at a pressure of 50 Pascal (both at excessive and under pressure). For example, Ukrainian building codes do not regulate the level of tightness at all. The German building code provides a maximum rate for new residential buildings of 1.5/hour, while in a passive house it should be less than 0.6/hour (n50);
• Designer monolithic staircase with optimal location and parameters for maximum comfortable use from the company “Lestnitsa-A”;
• More than 20 tons of thermal accumulators for heat in winter and coolness in summer;
• Innovative ventilation system with heat recovery, antibacterial and antistatic ventilation ducts; special design and design of the ventilation system taking into account the lowest losses and noise level of the ventilation system
• 6-chamber REHAU GENEO window profile 86 mm thick made of fiber material used in the space industry. The profile and window fittings have a high level of energy efficiency, tightness and sound insulation;
• Energy-saving and sun-protective double-glazed windows Glas Trsch 52mm thick;
• High speed Internet via fiber optic cable brought into the house;
• Dual-zone electric meter, copper electrical wiring inside the house and fast charging for an electric vehicle;
• A fence made of oak boards, oak thresholds in front of the house and paving slabs;
• Designer landscape design and modern landscaping, providing shading of windows from the scorching sun in summer and maximum sunlight entering the townhouse in winter;
• Individual well 65m deep;
• Autonomous sewage system with a European biofiltration system without the use of additional bacteria from the Green Rock company.
Area - 113m2
Living area - 40m2
Land plot - 2 acres

Додаткові параметри
40.00m 2